I am currently looking to partner with other businesses and entrepreneurs to help with the following areas...

You can either hire me for an hour, or for your entire project.

Here's how I can help you...

Website Development

I've been building websites since the age of 13. Being entirely self taught, I've built many dozens of websites for a wide range of different businesses and individuals.

These websites include static sites, sites with dynamic content (such as blogs, portfolios etc), e-commerce sites, membership sites, landing pages for high-growth marketing campaigns and so on.

I primarily use Webflow for many of these projects, as it eliminates the need for extensive amounts of coding whilst still giving you all the same freedom to build exactly the site you want.

You just don't get that with Wordpress, Shopify, SquareSpace etc.

Paid Advertising

Whilst organic marketing should serve as the backbone to your online brand, paid advertising will allow you to scale beyond your organic reach and position yourself in front of much larger audiences of your ideal buyers.

I have managed campaigns that have generated 3-8x ROI, and multiple six-figures in revenue.

The includes setting up and managing the ads themselves, but also writing the copy, building the funnel, optimising the targeting, collecting and interpreting data and so on.

These campaigns have been run across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and YouTube... and I'm always experimenting with other platforms as well.

Business Automation

My team will testify to the fact that I love automating the mundane and repetitive tasks and workflows within my own businesses.

Over the years I've easily saved myself hundreds of hours, purely through automations. That's time that I've been able to spend on higher value work instead.

I'll be happy to help you explore the possibilities around automation, as well as with the implementation. It's truly one of my favourite things to do. 😅 

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